The United Methodist Church (UMC), Burundi Annual Conference.

The historically background of the church

The foundation for the United Methodist Church of Burundi was laid as early as 1937 when American missionaries from the World Gospel Mission arrived in Burundi. Over the next forty years, the World Gospel Mission run by foreign missionaries expanded its activities in the country. However, not until 1980, when the leadership of this church was handed over to Burundian nationals, innovations such as holistic ministry and African traditional music were introduced, did the organization really begin to flourish. And, when these changes, including the instruction of a new church name, the Evangelical Episcopal Church, were not accepted by the World Gospel Mission, local leaders began to negotiate with United Methodist Church in order to become a part of it. The fruit of three years of international negotiations was the 1984 incorporation of the Evangelical Episcopal Church of Burundi by The United Methodist Church.

The Leadership of the United Methodist Church in Burundi

From 1980 to 2005 the church was under the dynamic leadership of late Bishop Jean Alfred NDORICIMPA and the church became a major force in Burundi. Currently, bishop Daniel Wandabula is the resident bishop of Burundi Annual Conference while   Honorable Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera is the Legal Representative of United Methodist Church of Burundi and the Secretary of the Burundi Annual Conference, and Rev. Bankurunaze Lazaro,  the Deputy Legal Representative.