Burundi Annual Conference 2021 September 2-4: Day 1 & Day 2

This was the 4th  session of the  Burundi Annual Conference, where were expected 634 delegates of clergy and laity from thirteen districts. September 1st, 2021 was scheduled to receive delegates. The main activity was to test all delegates whether they have or not  covid-19 and out of  549 delegates members tested covid-19.

Day two was occupied with opening service which was messaged by legal representative the Right Honorable Rev.  Dr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera and there after two sessions of laity and clergy took place. 

The theme : Deuteronomy 31: 6, « Be strong and of a good courage, fear not , nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God , he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee ».

The morning devotion was full of advice, especially about the delegates who will be given various responsibilities of serving the church, he asked them to walk with God and not to be afraid, Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr. Emmanuel sinzohagera said, «   The people of Israel needed to believe in God, the Israelites needed to put all their trust in God who gave them water in desert. We need to believe in Him and look back and say God who did these is the one who will do others. Put trust to God, people live and then die but  happiness  is for those who trust in God. 

Happy are those who believe in God because  such people do not regret , as  Jérémie said in chapter 17: 8,  they  will be like a tree which its leaves will remain green because the roots are close to the sea and the roots continue to absorb water. During annual conference, we have a variety of challenges that can weaken, get scared of ourselves and especially pastors. Be pleased with what you have asked from God. Delegates start asking themselves a lot of questions; where will I be appointed, and everybody starts to be afraid. However, if you believe in God, do not be afraid, do not be afraid, God goes with you in any trouble you meet and He will serve and lead you in God’s work everywhere;   hallelujah, hallelujah.

People of God, brothers and sisters, listen to my advice.  God who needs your service will protect you from whatever challenges you face.  Sometimes you might have decided yourself or through your friends to God’s service and that is why some of you are afraid because the one who called you will not protect you, but if you are called by God as Joseph was promised, you will be protected. He was thrown into the pit and God was with him, when he went to Poliphas God was with him, when they thrown him to prison God was with him, hallelujah. When he went to king’s fort He was with him, so do not be afraid, God will always go with you »

Also the president of ministerial committee mentioned   names of pastors who will be ordained the following day as full elders, probationary and full deacons. The president of ministerial committee also spoke about four pastors who were stopped for a while because of their miss behavior during the last special plenary session.

During the laity session, the conference lay leader reminded all laity present to change their old behavior and think the ways the laity themselves can be forefront in  spreading and bringing others to the kingdom of God.  The lay delegates were also given some questionnaires about covid-19 intended to know about church members views on vaccination issues. 

The GBGM missionary gave advices to delegates about Covid-19 and malaria. Evening session delegates followed presentation by Rev. David Muwaya under the theme: “Christianity and drinking alcohol”. He taught the danger of alcohol and late the delegates formulated 5 recommendations as resolutions of Burundi Annual Conference about drinking alcohol.

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