Effective Reconciliation of the Church of Burundi

It is obvious that the Holy Spirit is moving in the United Methodist Church, Burundi Annual Conference, because palpable results are getting produced in different districts.

After the revival meeting organized at the national level in Kayero district, from 23 to 25 July 2021, the Church is evidently living the new moments of reconciliation as it has been stated by the Legal Representative, Rt. Hon. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA, in the Sunday prayer held in Bujumbura District, Rohero Parish, on 8 august 2021.

 He explained that before the crusade held in Kayero District, there was a confused situation in Kinyinya District, especially in Buhonga local church. In that parish, the members of the church apologized each other, expressed remorse, and admitted their responsibility in the conflict. They are now living as one body in Christ.

Such a reconciliation was also attained last week when the Legal Representative visited the District of Cibitoke-Buganda. He gave them many pieces of advice to reconcile the leaders of that district.

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA declared that it is high time to build up the church of Burundi spiritually and economically. He finally announced that the meeting of Burundi Annual Conference will be held in Gitega from 2 up to 5 September 2021, under the auspices of Bishop Daniel Wandabula.

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