On March 19th , 2022  , the dreams of United Methodist Church members have come to their fullest culmination after waiting several years for BISHOP JEAN ALFRED NDORICIMPA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL to be officially opened. The hospital was finally opened by the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Excellency Dr. Sylvie NZEYIMANA at Kayero in Rutana province.

The Minister began the ceremony by cutting the ribbon and then with the resident Bishop Daniel WANDABULA visited the hospital grounds to see for themselves the condition of the hospital building and how patients are being cared for.

After the guest of honor signed the guest book, the project coordinator Dr. Aloys NYABENDA provided an overview of the original root of the construction of Bishop Jean Alfred NDORICIMPA Memorial Hospital in the area. Doctor explained that the residents around Mpinga-Kayove commune did not have a single hospital and the nearest hospital counts 45 km from where Bishop JEAN ALFRED NDORICIMPA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL is located.

He went on saying that, patients with severe pain often die because of a lack of adequate support from the nearest hospital.

As the patients seeking service are many, he requested the Minister to support the hospital with needy medicines , equipment and allow the use of health insurance care cards especially for children under the age of five and maternity mothers who usually get sick when they are in their period of delivering their children.

The doctor also requested an ambulance because they often need means of transporting patients in critical condition.

Deputy legal representative Rev. Lazare BANKURUNAZE said that he stand before the guest of honor and on behalf of the Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr. Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA the legal representative of the United Methodist Church , Burundi Annual Conference and indeed on his own behalf, to earnestly expressed his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Almighty God who has granted the congregation present to see this great opportunity and allowed them to gather at that place to witness the effort and achievement, that can only be described as a “dream come true”.

Rev. Lazare BANKURUNAZE on behalf of the church in Burundi , he didn’t hesitate to express his happiness and at the same time to recognize the untiring effort of the church members and especially the team assigned to follow the construction and installation of equipment , who worked tirelessly with their time and energy day and night to monitor and supervise all the works whose fruits we all see today. “ I sincerely thank them ”. He said.

The governor of Rutana province was very grateful to see the hospital operating now after a long time without health services at this level. The governor told residents that this would help to avoid long distance walk to seek medical care and treatment. He also said that he would be happy if the hospital was given an ambulance.

Mr. Patrick Abro working in missionary field and representative of General Board of Global Ministries Project here in Burundi Annual Conference said, “ I am really proud and feel greatly honored that as a team we have proven that once determination is there and the will to achieve is embedded in the soul, everything is possible”.

The missionary very proudly working in harmony with church leaders in Burundi especially the resident bishop and the legal representative and assured the community present to continue to do more for the benefit of the members of the church and the community in need.

Rev. Ladislas NIRAGIRA, conference secretary conveyed a message from Roland Fernandes, the General Secretary of Global Ministries and UMCOR, which was presented directly at the event. It should be remembered that GBGM provided significant assistance in the construction of this hospital as well as providing valuable support for structural renewal, solarization water, sanitation and hygiene services and most recently, the purchase of medicines and equipment.

The resident Bishop Daniel WANDABULA said, “ It gives a great honor and privilege to be an eye witness and to have the opportunity to address you all today at this very important ceremony as we inaugurate the BISHOP ALFRED NDORICIMPA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL “.
He cordially welcomed all population present and advised especially workers, church members and patients to take care of such a beautiful and equipped hospital. He commended the leadership of the legal representative and all the members of the United Methodist Church, Burundi Annual Conference and all partners supported this work for a great job well done.

He said that the reason for being at this place is to officially open this hospital, bless it and all the people behold will enter its doors as staff , patients and visitors and to commission this great facility for service to the children of God.

The resident bishop also reminded the community present about tremendous work of mama Sabina and wished that one of the women’s ward be named “ Sabina maternity ward” in remembrance of the great work she did for the women’s work.

The resident bishop said that the hospital will help to increase high quality of health of citizen, provide a responsive healing environment for patients and so on..

Greatly the resident bishop said , “ I would like this hospital to start on a firm foundation of Jesus Christ which is biblically sound and socially. We should seek to glorify God in everything we shall do for this hospital”.

Minister Dr. Sylivie NZEYIMANA in her address, expressed her gratitude to the church and donors who helped to build such beautiful and huge hospital and that it was timely for this area which for long time did not have such health service.

The Minister, on behalf of Burundi government, donated medicines and equipment worth 31 000 000 FB plus an ambulance as government contribution to the community and strangers who will come to seek service in the hospital. He also reminded the church and staff to take care of the hospital building and the equipment provided by the church and donors.

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