The 3rd Day of the Conference: the Unique one

The third day  was unique in the history of the United Methodist Church, Burundi Annual Conference where 4 full deacons, 97 full-time elders and 128 probationary pastors were ordained during the morning session. This historical event was held following the unlawful ordination according to the book of discipline by former church leader the late Pastor Nzoyisaba Justine during church crisis. This time, the ceremony was officiated by the resident bishop of  BAC, bishop Daniel Wandabula.

After the ordination ceremony the current conference secretary  who is also the legal representative Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera voluntarily ceases to hold the position of conference secretary because of the many responsibilities he has to fulfill in the church. So the Resident Bishop took the step of filling that position where the delegates of  Burundi Annual Conference elected a new conference secretary , Reverend  Ladislas  Niyiragira.

Evening of the third day, the Resident Bishop went to open a women’s center in Nyabugogo parish, which was running property before church crisis.

The current president of the women’s organization welcomed the guest of honor, Resident Bishop Daniel Wandabula. The President of women’s organization asked for moral and spiritual help as the center needs a lot of  materials in order to run smoothly.

At the opening of the women’s center Bishop Wandabula thanked all women and community members who have spared their time to come and be present at the site. He also thanked the United Methodist women for good work they are doing for the women and particularly for mobilizing the women and other partners who have supported the construction and now the running of this women’s center.  

He also thanked the legal representative Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr. Emmanuel for the guidance and support he has given to the women towards this center. « Women play a very important role in the Church and the community as a whole. They are community workers who play an important role in mobilizing other women and community members to work towards the development of the church and the community», he said.

He also said that women are very active in the church. « they make up the greatest percentage of the people who attend church every Sunday and they also give generously towards the work of God in the church and in the community » he informed. He concluded by requesting  the center turn that community into a center of healing and care for the  women, children , the church and community. The Bishop gave his contribution to support women’s center.

During afternoon session, Rev. David Muwaya had also an opportunity to teach delagetes about church leadership and community development and among the areas of interest  Rev. David Muwaya touched were about the main mission of the church, community development, structure of community development, community development values and principals and ended by telling the delegates the role of the church leadership in community. These were key points the church members needed to know as church community in Burundi Annual Conference is still behind in the area of development and hence results in low income  among church members.

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