The Annual Conference closing Activities

Day four: 

After morning devotional by Theodore Mbazumutima, five reports were presented by presidents or coordinators of boards. Among the reports presented and approved were: Conference Treasurer’s report, Board of trustees report, Board of education report, Statistics report, judicial committee report and Board of pensions report. 

Also Rev. David Muwaya conducted training about leadership and church growth; he reminded delegates that they have neglected the true gospel of Jesus Christ and resorted to the social gospel. It is their duties to teach the new believers to obey and become disciples of Jesus Christ. Due to the achievements of early churches the facilitator told the delegates to think of the following need; to be sincere in your hearts, to take care for one another, to praise and worship God, to be accountable in your actions, prayer is important and unity is key in discipleship.

Also, the annual conference elected madam Dancille Nduwarugira as a new conference treasurer of The United Methodist Church, Burundi Annual Conference.

After appointments of clergy and laity in various positions  by resident Bishop Daniel Wandabula, the session was closed by prayer.

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