The Head of State, His Excellency Evariste NADAYISHIMIYE, accompanied by the First Lady, Excellency Angeline NDAYISHIMIYE, officially inaugurated two primary schools of Ntobwe l, Ntobwe II and Sabine NDORICIMPA Technical School at  NYABUGOGO parish  in Gitega district of the United Methodist  Church, Burundi Annual Conference.

In attendance   at the inauguration ceremony were the first lady her Excellency NDAYISHIMIYE Angeline, the Rt. Honorable Rev. Dr. Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA and his spouse Rev. Delphine UWIMANA,  The minister of higher Education and scientific Research Dr. Francois HAVYARIMANA , the Minister of Health, Dr. Sylvia NZEYIMANA , Deputy legal Representative of UMC, Rev. Lazare BANKURUNAZE, different Executive government officers, district superintendents, pastors just to mention the few.

This inauguration ceremony was a moment of pride and celebration for the UMC congregation,   NTOBWE community, resident of Gitega town, friends and parents who contributed positively to enable this work possible and indeed, it was a time to thank God for being with the church,  NTOBWE  community throughout the construction of these schools.

The project entailed the construction of 24 classrooms where a total of 2090 pupils have already registered in 20 classrooms, a kitchen laboratory, staff rooms, headmaster’s offices, halls, a library and other facilities.

The governor of GITEGA Venant MANIRAMBONA after a word of welcome, he expressed much gratitude to His Excellency Evariste NDAYISHIMIYE, FENACOBU, church and local population for their support right from the beginning up to the present occasion.

The Rt. Hon. Rev. Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA, on behalf of the United Methodist Church, Burundi Annual Conference expressed a deep and sincere appreciation to his Excellency the head of state for the support he has lent as a family to support this work and at the time of need.

The Rt. Hon. also on behalf of the church gave his Excellency a gift of a cow and a certificate of appreciation for his contribution to this work. Also other different dignitaries were among the people who were given certificates to appreciate their commitment to this work more than others.

The Rt. Hon. Rev.SINZOHAGERA informed the population who attended the ceremony that the UMC is now receiving many positive development growth that God blessed the church with , after  the reconciliation. He said, “There is a lot of construction going on in various local church we own. A clear example is another school that is being built at Rubirizi Parish in Bujumbura. “He said that if people put their strength together everything is possible”.

The Head of state His Exellency Evariste NDAYISHIMIYE thanked NTOBWE community, UMC in Burundi, FENACOBU and others for their commitment to service and promoting in the field of Education.

The head of state said that, the UMC has shown a good example by fulfilling what the word of God teaches them. He asked other churches to follow the right path of the UMC by imitating the example of the right direction of development they have chosen. He commented, “In our country we have more than 500 churches, so if each church build one school, how many schools are  we going to have in five years?”. “Of course there won’t be any more problem with school buildings in the country”, he reminded.

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