Day one of the national revival meeting, Friday 23 July 2021, morning message was delivered by district superintendent from Ngozi Rev. Niyonkuru Jeremiah where the main message was “forgiveness brings love among families and in the church”. The same day afternoon, the message was delivered by the legal representative from FECABU church, Rev.  Juvenal BAZISHAKA and the message was “to set ourselves free from our sins, God is the only saviour of all our problems.” 

Day two, Saturday 24 July 2021, morning message was delivered by Dr. Mbazumutima Theodore and he also emphasized about “forgiveness cultivate unity among brothers and sisters, it brings joys and happiness among the people in conflict”. 

Day two was overshadowed by unforgettable moment in our church. After preaching, singing different hymns. The legal representative took the mic and invited some of the families to the platform. These were families which were deeply affected during the church conflict. It was a moment of emotion and silence dominated the area. The legal representative on behalf of the church members apologized to these families. It should be noted that one of the injured families belonged to the district superintendent, the late Pastor MINANI Joel, where after his death, the deceased body was not buried in a place where it had already been prepared by the parish management for burial. Another group refused and the body had to be relocated to other place. The present family received this act as Christians who know God and who understand the power of forgiveness. Mrs Nshimirimana Dorothea on behalf of the family, he said. “As Christians we met several years ago, we know that forgiveness is about leaving the past, understanding and moving on.” Mrs. Dorothea continued, “In this family we know that forgiveness is the source of a new beginning, it is about bringing love between church members and others”. Dorothea added, “It is a pardon that will save the church that was in disarray.” She praised the church leader for this important step for their family and the church as a whole.

There was also a special prayer for UMC church in Burundi and while praying four church elders were holding the church flag.

Day three, Sunday 25, July 2021, the message was delivered by the legal representative of Burundi Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Rt Hon. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera. He strongly requested the church present to think of the Kingdom of God first instead of being ruled by things of the world and totally abstaining from sexual immorality, stealing, cheating and others. He urged members of the church to boost the unity that was manifested during that national revival meeting. He openly declared that the UMC in Burundi starts a new era of spiritually and physically development.

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