The UMC -youth department in Burundi Annual Conference organized a three-day workshop from 15th to 17th December, 2022 for youth leaders at conference and district level including some talented UMC- youth who initiated some of community projects in their districts and parishes. The training workshop was held in the premises of NYABUGOGO parish, Gitega district.

In addition to the young people who participated in this workshop, those invited to the workshop were district superintendents, all district lay leaders, conference  chairpersons of  women and Men Methodist organizations  and JECA coordinators at district level.

About 150 participants attended this training and the main objective of which was to strengthen young people’s capacity so that they have sufficient knowledge about preparing development projects, implementation, management and evaluation of their projects.

The workshop was opened by the deputy legal representative Rev.  Lazare BANKURUNAZE of the United Methodist Church, Burundi Annual Conference  on behalf of the legal representative,  the Rt. Hon. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA.

The Reverend thanked the youth leaders at conference level for organizing such training that is aiming to strengthen youth leaders in their leadership and development.  He also thanked a guest from abroad and facilitators who have chosen to stay with the participants throughout the workshop.

During the welcome speech presented by the conference youth president, Mr. Jonas HAKIZIMANA thanked all the participants for the the importance attached to this activity. He particularly thanked the church Leadership that didn’t cease to make this happen and the youth Representive of UMC young and adult people discipleship ministry at Africa level, Mr. ARMINDO Mapoissa where both emphasized the importance of this workshop organized by youth of the United Methodist church in BURUNDI.

Day one of the workshop was presented by Hon. Georges NSHIMIRIMANA and NIYONGABO Augustin where they mentioned about the important steps needed to have leadership qualities where it was seen that flexibility and adaptability are important qualities of youth leaders in society. Hon. Georges NSHIMIRIMANA emphasized how willingness to listen can bring about successful leaders.

 He told youth leaders to be patient in front of the youth they lead. NIYONGABO Augustin emphasized that leaders are the ones who continue to move forward even when the path is nearing its end. Honorable told the participants that a leader must be honest and that is the basis of all success in leadership. NIYONGABO Augustin added, ” As youth leaders you need to keep your team together, avoid being selfish and where there is uncertainty and lack of direction then try to be quick to decide the right direction”.

Day two was about how to prepare projects, implementation, management and evaluation of projects. Therefore, the coordinator Dr. Pacis Alarine IRAMBONA invited the participants to follow this training closely  so that they can profitably use the knowledge and skills they have acquired to develop themselves and their community.

Three facilitators: Edward NDAYIKEJE represented ANACOOP, NIYONGABO Alda represented PAEEJ Geoffrey NKENGURUTSE represented BIJE and Augustin NIYONGABO, gave  lessons on how young people  can  start cooperatives in their respective areas. These  included steps needed to start small business entrepreneurship, implementation , management and evaluation of projects. Talking about entrepreneurship opportunities, the facilitators helped  participants to identify some  challenges and problems in their community, to know the scope that can launch them into full entrepreneurship.

In preparing  a project, the facilitators also told the participants different procedure that will give them knowledge about short-term and long-term projects and how the project can be funded. Here the participants were taught skills on preparation, implementation, evaluation of projects and how to be able to analyze their benefits.

To implement what they learned, the participants were divided into ten groups so as to practice and use their skills and abilities on how to prepare projects, start an entrepreneurial business, project management and evaluation. In their discussion after the group work it was observed that a lot had to be done to improve their skills and abilities on how to prepare and implementing their  projects.

Youth President Jonas HAKIZIMANA during the interview, he said that the participants  after this workshop  will be generally  equipped with project development and management skills which will enable them to establish  projects to be presented to the youth investment bank or other various donors for funding .He also told the media that the participants will share  , in return , with other youth who did not have  such training at home so that they can develop together.

Mr. ARMINDO Mapoissa  was so happy to see some of the facilitators and He also informed the youth present that 2 young people from BURUNDI will have an opportunity to attend youth fellowship in Africa next year. He advised the young people from Burundi to apply for funds in agencies that normally give support to the youth projects. ADMINDO challenged the participants not to have included enough female in the workshop and  reminded the youth leaders next time to include a good number of female. He thanked the church in Burundi for the unity he observed and  concluded by answering some questions from the participants.

In closing the workshop, the deputy legal representative again on behalf of the legal representative expressed his gratitude to the participants and especially the youth leaders who prepared  this important training opportunity for UMC youth. He also thanked the facilitators for their professional lessons  they provided during the workshop which was important and targeted to the participants needs.  He took this opportunity to give advice to the youth and ask them to maintain the unity of the church so that they can benefit from this training received.

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